Branding Your Organization

Written by: Christa Weddle, Acount Executive

Recently, I attended the Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference in Washington, D.C. Throughout the week I learned all about what makes brands successful and what we should do as PR professionals for our organizations. The discussions about making an organization stand out caught my attention the most.  For an organization to be successful and grow, it must have a strong brand reputation.

There are so many companies that fail because they do not have a consistent brand reputation or model for people to relate to and recognize. Every brand needs a mission and goal to follow. The consistent mission and goal of the organization has to be held within each employee, social media website, and has to be the focus. This gives the organization a purpose and reputation.

An organization should not have just a generic mission it stands behind. It needs to have two components. The mission needs to be both relatable and passionate towards its purpose. The mission should be relatable to the costumers who utilize the organization’s products and services. This will make the community around the organization feel like they are a part of something and feel like their opinions and presence matter. This is why Facebook includes its users in their mission statement. Facebook’s mission is to give people power to open up and be connected to the world around them. This empowers the users of Facebook and lets them have an active role in the organization. A mission should also be passionate towards its purpose. A company with a passionate mission increases the value of its existence to the users and customers of the organization. It entices people to be a part of the organization.

An organization cannot just have a mission that they stand behind. They need to also be actively participating in this mission. This means communicating with customers and members on social media websites. This means that the leaders of the organization need to make sure that all the people who are working within the organization understand and agree with its mission. This creates a consistent reputation and one that people can relate to and want to be a part of.

It is important for every organization to think about and plan their brand because it directly effects how they are seen in their communities.  Branding gives organizations a face and a recognizable reputation that people can stand behind.


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