Social Media Marketing: The Friend Zone.

Written by: Kyle Edwards, Account Executive

So you created a Facebook page and a Twitter account for your booming business. That took you about five quick minutes. You made a couple of posts, shared your page, you’re just waiting for your page to skyrocket! This was too easy, right?

A day goes by, then a week, then a month. You’re stuck with 200 likes and your mom liking all your posts. This is the “Friend Zone” of social media marketing. All of your friends, well the ones that actually look at your post, have liked your page. Lets be honest, they eventually hid all posts after one day.

Why doesn’t the outside world know you exist? Why won’t anyone engage in your posts? Well besides your mom, because she likes all your page’s posts still. Simply put, it’s probably because your page is boring or you’re just trying to sell something with every post.

Social media can be an extremely useful tool for any business, big or small. This tool is the perfect way to connect your business to your audience on a personal level. However, it takes smart as well as strategic moves to make your social media presence known.

Here are some tips I found successful over the last few years of managing social media accounts.

1. Keep it simple stupid

Keeping it simple can do wonders to your engagement. Being brief is something people will enjoy reading. Wordy is boring and intimidating for the advent Facebookers and social media users. Sounding like a human is extremely important, but can actually be extremely difficult.

Even if more information is needed, keep your post short and sweet. Try adding a link to another page containing further information on the event or whatever it is you’re posting about. All you need is a brief, exciting hook to get your viewer interested. That will make them want to click your link and read more.

2. Be Relevant and Timely

Your post should have some relevance in today’s world. Intertwine trending topics trending with your posts in order to get more curiosity out of your readers. Today is Wednesday October 7th, for example, so you could possible post a relevant post about lucky number 7 or simply just Wednesday being the middle of the week. A post like this could be used, “Got the middle of the week blues? Come down to ‘INSERT’ and get your self a ‘PRODUCT’ to cure the Wednesday blues.”

Some may see this method as cheesy or useless, but look at any business in your industry that is successful. I guarantee they use this method.

3. Be Visual

Words can get boring. If you are constantly posting about a story or certain deal, people will get bored of you and this can make you predictable. Use images or videos relevant to the message your saying. Use popular trends with imaging too.

This method is sometimes seen as corny or cheesy, but it also works! Everyone wants to be different, but going with the trends can be a big boost for your page’s engagement. Posting funny pictures or meme’s that have relevance to your business can be a great and easy way to get engagement. This can also make your page more than just a pitch after pitch after pitch. This gives your page flavor and a personality.

4. Branch Out!

Lastly, don’t limit yourself to just Facebook! Use other sites such as Twitter or new social medias like Yik Yak. Facebook is old news to most people of this generation.

Twitter is a good site to use along with Facebook. With Twitter it forces you to stay brief and gives you the tool of using hashtags to reach more than just your followers.

As for new social medias, Yik Yak is a great way to market your company. This app allows you to post anonymously, which could work for your advantage.

Hopefully this post helps all you desperate social media manager and page admins get out the “friend zone” of social media. It’s time for you to get some real engagement from real customers, not just your mother. Using these tips should help your social medias gain more reach and more engagement.


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