Be on the Lookout: Cornerstone Pie is Shaking Things Up!

Written By: Mia Patterson, Account Executive

With Ellensburg being such a small community, it’s no mystery as to which restaurant has become the talk of the town. Cornerstone Pie has taken Ellensburg by storm within the past year with their grand opening, constant involvement in community events, and their newest addition of an outdoor stage! Passersby can almost always guarantee an entertaining night whether it’s attending the Dauschunds on Parade after party, indulging in the chocolate covered strawberries during Ellensburg Downtown Association’s Ladies Night Out, or participating in their crab feed they hosted this past summer.

However, while all of their past events have really brought in the crowds, these next couple of months will prove to be some of the busiest AND some of the most entertaining months to come. Through Cornerstone Pie’s partnership with Central Communication Agency, it has been agreed upon by both parties to vamp up the excitement and entertainment aspect for the business. What does this mean you ask? Well, the CCA Cornerstone Pie team will be collaboration with Cornerstone executives to bring some new and exciting events to the ever popular pizza restaurant.

Events to keep your eyes open for in the next few months:

  • Red Cross Blood Drive: Not necessarily exciting, but it’s a great cause and a wonderful event in which Cornerstone Pie will be hosting. This event in particular is a great opportunity for everyone to participate and give back to those in need.
  • Downtown Halloween after Party: Costume contests, candy, and downtown trick-or-treaters…need I say more? This year will be the first Downtown Halloween after Party. After everyone is done visiting the downtown shops, sporting their best Halloween fashion no doubt, Cornerstone Pie will be hosting an “After Party” for parents, children, and students who are all welcome to parade in their costumes and indulge in some pizza and good spirits!
  • Science Café: Ever interested in learning more about reptiles? Ever wondered which constellation you always see out your bedroom at night? Well, Cornerstone Pie is in the process of creating the “Science Café” which will play host to a variety of science lectures and interactive discussions. Geography, Astronomy, Reptiles…YOU NAME IT! This event is something we are hoping to add to the list of reoccurring events at Cornerstone Pie.
  • Open Mic/Comedy Nights: If you know you have the best jokes around, or that you are a great poet, come on down to the Cornerstone Pie Open Mic/Comedy nights. They’ll be spread throughout the quarter and it would provide for a great platform to share your great talents with a new and excited audience.
  • Holiday Party: Our capstone project for the Fall 2014 quarter will end with a Holiday party for all ages! (Stay tuned for more details on partnerships and more!)

As you can see we will be kept pretty busy but in order to keep everyone happy we are always interested in hearing what it is that YOU are interested in with regards to entertainment. Keep your eyes and ears open for more details regarding Cornerstone Pie and the extensive list of events we will be hosting. It’s going to be a great quarter!


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