Winning with Winegar’s!

Written by: Alex Homer, Account Executive

In working with Winegars, Central Communication Agency has been given a great deal of new experiences; one of those being introduced to the world of wholesale operations. In the wide spread Eastern Washington area, it may seem difficult for a business to grow, expand or take on new opportunities. Winegar’s has found a way to accomplish these goals in neighboring areas through their use of the wholesale system. They can take advantage of these opportunities without having to worry about relocation, opening and staffing a new store in the areas they wish to be present in. This is especially true because Winegar’s has already taken on the responsibility of opening a new store here in Ellensburg.

Winegar’s has been participating in wholesale for a while and is just starting to take advantage of all the opportunities it can offer them. This quarter, CCA has been putting together a plan to help promote the wholesale deals that Winegar’s offers to prospective business partners. This special is one 5-qaurt tub of ice cream and three 1-quart containers of any ice cream they would like to try. This is to insure good faith in both the company and the product they are selling.

Along with the promotion we have created a sales pitch letter, email, and thank yous for those who agree to participate. All of these materials will help Winegar’s to establish a professional relationship with businesses in the Wenatchee area. Agency is creating a plan for Winegar’s that will be usable in many different areas. With discussion of reaching out to wholesale opportunities in Wenatchee, Yakima, and eventually all major cities in Eastern Washington, this plan needs to be easily repeatable as well as easy to evaluate. In the fall the next big step comes in reaching out to all of the target businesses in Wenatchee. CCA and the Winegar’s team is excited to see all of their work put into action!


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