Our meeting with Brian Solis

Written by: Baylee Bunyard, Associate Agency Director

We were fortunate enough to have Brain Solis, author of “Engage”, Skype into our class. Every CCA member was required to read “Engage” this quarter, and it was a great honor to hear the author of such a fascinating book speak to our class.

Solis is extremely inspiring and motivated all of the CCA members, especially the seniors about to leave CWU in a few short weeks. Solis stressed to us that it is important to question everything, “who says we have to do it this way?” he stated.

This book was written after Solis realized it was important to share even more information than he already was on his personal blog, one of the biggest marketing blogs in the world. “Blogging is a platform to share what makes you amazing,” Solis stated, and he clearly is amazing. Solis explained the importance of blogging and of always being genuine. Professor Liz Kerns asks her seniors to blog a number of times a week about the public relations industry and Solis reinforced the importance of this exercise.

Generation Y (Millennial Generation) is different than any other in many ways; the biggest one is that we choose our brands. Solis explained that we are able to choose whatever brands we like for whatever reason we like. Whereas our parents had brands given to them by their parents and so on. This makes it important for us, as upcoming PR professionals, to realize that we have the opportunity to sway people to a product we might work for in the future.

In order to excel in our future careers, it is important to think digital, and continue to learn and grow. Technology is making it much easier to improve relationships between the company and the consumers, which is why I agree when Solis stated that press releases are old school. However, some people fight this, which is why it is crucial to do PR for PR at some point in our careers. It is important to make the company more human. “The future is unwritten, it’s our time to define it,” stated Solis.

Solis left us with these final tips:

  • Don’t Cave!
  • Don’t become complacent!
  • Stay true, work hard, and don’t give up!

Solis offered recommendations further readings:


Student responses to Brian speaking to Central Communication Agency was overwhelmingly positive and all shared a great appreciation for his love of the industry.

  • Silver Caoili said, “His passion is so amazing.”
  • Robyn Stewart said, “It was encouraging to see someone so successful in the PR field. It reassures me that I am heading in the right direction!”
  • Alex Homer said, “loved his insight on social media, hearing about what it is and what it should be was enlightening.”
  • Maribel Castellanos said, “It is refeshishing to see a professional who is as passionate and willing to inspire as Solis is.”

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