Reaching College Students in a Town Saturated with Fast Food Shops?

Written by: Ryan Centioli, Account Executive

Central Communication Agency is currently working with Carl’s Jr of Ellensburg to develop defined marketing and advertising strategies to target the families of Ellensburg and the Central Washington University (CWU) students.

Many businesses question how to effectively market their products and services effectively to the generation in which is saturated in media advertising. The CCA and Carl’s Jr of Ellensburg believe they may have found the solution and it is called the “Carl’s Jr Girls”. Carl’s Jr will be contracting two CWU females to work as representatives of their business’s brand. The two women will attend events on and off the CWU campus promoting the restaurant by giving out coupons, taking photos of students with the Happy Star, and giving away free food.

Paul Jones, owner of Carl’s Jr in Ellensburg has always wanted to get the Happy Star more involved with CWU student but was unsure how. Jones said, “Everyone loves Happy Star, but Happy Star can’t take care of itself out there.”

The Carl’s Jr girls will be contracted before August while starting work in the fall during Wildcat Welcome Weekend. Carl’s Jr is looking for two CWU females who are outgoing, fun-loving, and friendly. Junior Account Executive Daniel Soltero said, “The Carl’s Jr girl job is a great opportunity for two students to make money, have fun, and gain valuable work experience without the stress of a full-time work schedule.”

If you or anyone you know has what it takes to be the Carl’s Jr girl, head to Carl’s Jr Ellensburg’s Facebook page and get the application info. The Happy Star will also be tabling at the SURC on campus from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, May 21st for anyone looking for more information.


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