The Museum of Culture & Environment’s Earth Day Family Festival

Written by: Sarah Jane Johnson, Account Executive

Saturday, April 19 was the second annual Earth Day Family Festival that featured the Salmon 5K/10K walk-run event hosted by the Central Washington University’s Museum of Culture & Environment. Winegar’s Ice Cream donated ice cream for participants of the run, and the Earth Day Family Festival featured strawberry DNA testing, their new Snoqualmie Pass exhibit, along with belly dancers and much more!

There were over 300 participants who walked through the new “How did the Cougar Cross the Road: Restoring Wildlife Passages at Snoqualmie Pass” exhibit in the museum. Event coverage included The Observer, Daily Record, the I-90 Wildlife Bridges Coalition group, Ellensburg Moms, and even statewide running websites. Many people in the Ellensburg community were able to come and participate in not only the 5K but stayed for the fun activities that the Earth Day Family Festival had to offer.

The Museum of Culture and Environment is honored that so many exhibitors and interested people were able to attend this event,” said Bethany Oliver, the Public Programs Manager at the museum. “We hope that Earth Day and the Salmon Run will continue in the future as a fun and informative day of family-friendly activities for everyone! What a great way to celebrate our Earth!”

The new exhibit featured in the museum is bringing new clients because it offers educational purpose for the kids, a puppet show, and even some real footage of the Snoqualmie pass wildlife caught on camera. The Wolf exhibit is also still up in the museum and that continues to be a community favorite. The exhibit has a beautifully-structured bridge that goes around the museum so kids can climb up and down along with reading fun facts about the Snoqualmie animals, their survival skills, and even what their scat looks like.

If you haven’t already, head over to the Museum of Culture & Environment in Dean Hall to get the scoop and experience of the new exhibit!




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