The Evolution of the Ellensburg School District

Written By: Silver Caoili

The Ellensburg School District (ESD) has been partnering with the Central Communication Agency (CCA) since September 2013. The ESD first became a client of the CCA to improve their district wide communication with school administration, teachers, community members and parents. The CCA began researching what these four publics expected and wanted from the ESD by holding focus groups. The results from the focus groups lead the CCA to continue its research. From January 2014 – March 2014, the CCA surveyed the Ellensburg community. After reaching over 500 people, the CCA learned what the public wanted in the ESD’s communication

The majority of people wanted to see the ESD have a larger presence online. They expect the ESD to communicate more via their website, email, and social media. In September 2013, the ESD’s Facebook page had only 17 likes and was essentially inactive. There was no updates being posted or any type of conversations happening on the page. Today, the ESD’s new Facebook page has grown to 462 likes and is active! They are utilizing Facebook to highlight school events, and all the amazing work students are doing.

In a recent newsletter sent out to the 10,000 residents of Ellensburg, the ESD discussed how they are prioritizing communication. Not only did the newsletter mention the work being done with the CCA, but it also points out some future plans. The ESD will be partnering with ThoughtStream to provide a way to communicate with parents, and the community. The ESD will also continue its partnership with CCA in hopes to strengthen their online communication. Learn more about our efforts at

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