Change the way you Spring, Written by Hailey Nelsen

Spring is in the air at Central Washington University and with the warm weather comes a change in the physical surroundings and mentality of individuals. Change can be a powerful and scary adjective for the lives of many individuals and Central Communication Agency (CCA) is no exception.

Change will be occurring in the next coming weeks as many of our CCA account executives and junior account executives will be walking across the stage at commencement on June 14th, while the rest of the agency executives will continue a legacy.

Change for our clients may mean implementing new communication strategies that can be untraditional but provoking to their audience. Change can be the action that takes your business to the next level or the way you look at your organization.

At CCA, our focus is to help many of the business change the way they see social media, their audience, their communication strategies, but we also want to change the way we see Ellensburg. Ellensburg, Wash is a beautiful community in a valley of the Cascade Mountains, but not every person sees Ellensburg the way we do. When we think of Ellensburg, we think of the Kittitas Fair and Rodeo that occurs every August, or the historical downtown district, or perhaps Central Washington University. For many, they may think of Ellensburg as another pit-stop on I-90 that is surrounded by agriculture and plains. Since our roots are in Central Washington, we want to help our community by providing them with the best communication strategies in Washington State. Central Communication Agency expresses deep gratitude for our previous and current clients but we are always looking to help more.

At CCA we want to grow with your business or organization. See how your business can blossom by applying to be a client at


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