Ellensburg School District Town Hall Forum

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 Central Communication Agency (CCA) held a town hall forum concerning communications between the Ellensburg School District (ESD) and the parents of students. At the forum, results from focus groups and a follow survey were displayed for the public eye. 503 surveys were conducted. CCA attended multiple school events, gave out handbills and sent emails to parents to explain the purpose of the survey. The results of the team’s work are now turned into a full recommendation to the ESD on their plans to better communication with parents.

The results of the survey showed that approximately 50% of parents and community members said that information about the school district should be communicated monthly. Whereas just over 20% prefer weekly communication. Account Executive Baylee Bunyard and her team came up with a recommendation of a bi-weekly communication plan. Bunyard said, “This would give the district time to compile everything that happens in the district into one large communication.”

Furthermore, a majority of those surveyed believed that email was the most preferred method for receiving information. The second most preferred method is a newsletter that is mailed to the parents of students.

Bunyard and her team developed a list of recommendations for the school district for the purpose of making the communications as effective as they can be.

–          The ESD should communicate bi-weekly to families and the community.

–          The ESD needs to create and distribute an electronic newsletter every first and third Friday of each month. The ESD would also create a paper copy that can be distributed by other means.

–          Hire an intern to create this newsletter and distribute them.

–          The ESD should maintain communication with CCA to review and edit the ESD website and social media.

The ESD plans on continuing relations with CCA and is glad that they now have the information to improve communications with the people that drive the Schools, the parents. In the spring, CCA will be working with ESD to evaluate their website and establish the newsletter. Bunyard will be taking on the new role of Associate Director and handing the responsibility of account executive to Silver Caoili, a former Junior Account Executive. You can find out more about Caoili and the rest of the new Account Executives by clicking here. Be sure to follow CCA on Facebook and Twitter to hear more about the ESD and CAA working to better the Ellensburg community.


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