Agency Update: Introducing the New Account Executives

On Monday, February 24, 2014, Central Communication Agency announced the new Account Executives and the new Assistant Agency Director for the Spring 2014 Quarter. The new AE’s come from very different backgrounds and areas of expertise that will allow them to fully achieve the goals set by their clients.

Taylor Burbank
Taylor Burbank has already started working on goals with her client, Brian Basilico, author of It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon. Burbank said she is going to, “challenge the team to do great things and high quality work.” Burbank has experience with creative programs and is a self-proclaimed perfectionist ensuring all material is “stellar” before ever being presented to the client. This past summer, Burbank participated in a internship provided by Walt Disney, Co at their California location, DisneyLand. There, Burbank participated in media relations, global communications and guest relations courses and experienced the administrative side of Disney rather than the attractions that Disney provides.

Silver Caoili
Silver Caoili was assigned the Ellensburg School District (ESD) and she is glad to be given the client that she has two quarters of experience with. “Having a background of working with the client is a great advantage,” Caoili said. In previous quarters, Caolili worked with the ESD on communications between the faculty and parents of students. Caoili said she had, “learned a lot as a Junior Account Executive in terms of communication with my team and client.” Caoili believes that communication nis key when leading a team and, “[plans] on over communicating with my team,” Caoili said. When Caoili is not at school or work, she is watching Youtube videos about beauty tips and what is new with fashion. One of Caoili’s favorite Youtuber’s is “Love Lauren Elizabeth. “She has great hair styling tips,” Caoili said.

Sarah Jane Johnson
Sarah Jane Johnson is very excited to be on the executive team in the Spring.  Johnson will assume the Account Executive position on a new client, the Museum of Culture and Environment on Central Washington University campus. Working with the museum isn’t Johnson’s first time doing public relations with a client. When Johnson isn’t working with the CCA or attending classes, she is working with Jam the City Radio, an internet radio station that focuses on Christian Rock and Hip Hop music.

Mia Patterson
Mia Patterson is moving up the ranks at agency from junior account executive to account executive. Patterson will be working with Cornerstone Pie as a client and said agency will provide her with “real world experience in building relationships with clients.” Patterson believes that building relationships is an, “undervalued trait”, and wants to prove that it is a skill that is needed in the PR world. Patterson knows she has the leadership and time management skills that will allow her to be a successful AE. When Patterson isn’t at school or work, she is at home relaxing while watching a Disney film. “My family uses Disney films to bond,” Patterson said.

Robyn Stewart
Robyn Stewart is excited to be an Account Executive and will assume the leadership role on the Central Washington University Brooks Library in the Spring 2014.  Stewart is, ” excited to be on the other side of things and to see what [The Brooks Library] wants to do.” Stewart recently took the Myers-Briggs personality assessment and found that she has a personality that has a great leadership capability. Stewart also explained that she has an excellent ability to organize and explained, “organizing makes me happy.” One fact about Stewart that many people don’t know is that she became a vegetarian due to a paper she wrote in a college English course. The paper consisted of a commentary on factory farms and their effects on the animals. “I never regretted my decision,” Stewart said.

Baylee Bunyard, Assistant Agency Director
Baylee Bunyard is a current account executive in CCA for the Ellensburg School District client.  She has been selected to be the new Assistant Agency Director for the Spring quarter. Bunyard is a senior and seasoned veteran of the CCA. “I am excited to be a mentor to the students in agency,” Bunyard said. Bunyard knows she can help because she is “relate-able with others.” Bunyard is not afraid to give constructive criticism and is willing to help those who approach her. Bunyard has a musical side as well because of her passion for the Foo Fighters; She can name any song they have produced! Bunyard is excited to step into this new leadership role and hopes to help agency grow over the next quarter.

Please join us in welcoming these new leaders and wish them luck as they hit the ground running this next quarter.


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