Ellensburg School District Begins Survey Research

ELLENSBURG, WASH. – The winter chill has descended but that will not stop the Ellensburg School District (ESD) from continuing their work to discover district communication issues.  In ESD’s continued partnership with Central Communication Agency they are building off from the previous work with the focus groups in fall to offer a survey.  Due to busy schedules of parents, teachers, and community leaders, Central Communication Agency has created the survey to reach participants who were unable to express their opinion before.

Parents, teachers and community members can look for the survey at district events, in their district newsletter, and across social media.  The survey has 13 questions based around how the Ellensburg School District can better their communication.  Participants can expect a survey completion time of roughly five minutes.

The survey results will be added to the data collected from the focus groups to be presented at a town hall forum in late February.  All data gathered is kept confidential, and will be vital in fostering connections and increasing communication flow.

About Ellensburg School District

The School District serves the Ellensburg area by operating six schools with over 3,000 student and employing over 425 full time employees.  For more information about the school district their website is ellensburg.schoolfusion.us/.


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