Be the Bacon: Utilizing relationships to generate business

Written by Tyler Belan

“All networking starts with a smile and a hand shake,” said Brian Basilico author of, It’s not about You, It’s About Bacon: Relationship Marketing in a Social Media World.

1384013_583515518350639_380255003_n Central Washington University’s Central Communication Agency was able, Monday, to enjoy the insight and unique perspective of guest speaker, Basilico, as he shared and explained how, “bacon,” needed to play a role in each students life. Throughout the hour the class was able to spend with Basilico, items that were touched on included: relationship marketing, how working inter-collectively is an important tool, utilization of personal relationships to help generate business, and knowing who to trust.

Trusting those around you is an important attribute that should be prevalent in the business sector. However, there are so many things these days to worry about that trust has simply seemed to vanish. Basilico was able to put into perspective the basic components of a trusting environment. The most important idea was being able to get people to know, like, and trust you. In doing this, people need to be able to get to know each other in a one-on-one basis. As aforementioned, your starting point begins with, “a smile and a hand shake.”

Basilico also told a great story that he personally had to deal with just a few days ago and how social networking 12352_10151917416742958_525743112_nplayed a role in finding a solution. While watching TV, Basilico experienced an electrical short in his entertainment system. In order to try and resolve the problem Basilico first called the Comcast support line. This strategy was unsuccessful and ended with Basilico talking to a help desk operator in India! Basilico later took to social media to get help, namely Facebook. While on Facebook, some of Basilico’s friends chimed in to help and at one point, a Direct TV pop-up ad jumped in to offer a deal. When all was said and done Comcast was just too late with their apology and by the time they responded the damage had been done.

“Mobility of the web communication is happening a lot faster, you have to be in the place where your customer wants you to be,” Basilico said.

So, what is the, “bacon,” you may ask? The “bacon” is a value proposition used to make a product stand out in the marketplace. The examples given by Basilico included: Starbuck’s and their classy nature of doing things, Dunkin’ Donuts and how they make things fun and interactive, and McDonald’s jumping into the mix with fun and cheaper options via the MCcafe line of drinks.

“The power is in your hands and in the things you do online every day,” Basilico said.

What this generation has done with technology these days has been nothing short of amazing. Making things viral, leveraging friends, and most importantly, “listening twice as much as you talk,” Basilico noted, were key items to tune into. With the advent of technology and diversity of media tools, smart phones, tablets, laptops, apps, etc., there are a variety of effective ways to reach out to consumers and clients.

Basilico brought into perspective how being successful begins with meeting people and staying in contact with those people you meet throughout the years. Be interactive and be a social force and in doing so success will follow.

To learn more about Brian Basilico check out his website at or call (630) 692-1431.


          All quotes are thanks to Brian Basilico and his Skype call on 10/07/2013.


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