Welcome to Central Communication Agency


We are Central Washington University’s student-managed, strategic communication agency offering communication services to clients from throughout the campus and community.

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Why should a business consider working with Central Communication Agency?  A student-run agency is an operational public relations firm managed by students offering your business, association, club or division at the University to have pre-professionals manage your communication needs and bring a fresh perspective to your existing communication efforts.  We can work with you in a variety of areas including, but not limited to event planning, market research, social media, web site development, graphic design, re-branding, media relations, marketing, crisis communication, message development, grant writing, organizational analysis and brand awareness.  You can apply by selecting “Apply to be a client” under the clients tab on our homepage.

Why should students consider joining Central Communication Agency?  Firms allow you to get hands-on experience with business-to-client relationships while allowing you to earn credit.  The advantages of participating in a firm include the following:

  • Building client relationships and meeting professionals
  • Learning how to lead and work as a team
  • Creating resume/portfolio material
  • Getting hands-on public relations experience
  • Learning to balance tasks and handle numerous duties
  • Applying theories learned in the classroom

Since our establishment three years ago, Central Communication Agency has grown from a three students working on one client during the Summer of 2011 to now a classroom of more than fifty. Our staff includes one faculty advisor, one student agency president, one student agency vice president, six senior account supervisors, and over 30 associate account executives.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at cwuagency@gmail.com.